Diesel Handling Facility Expansion Project

The Vancouver Wharves Diesel Handling Facility Expansion Project (Project) will allow the Terminal to optimize use of its facilities, fulfil requests from customers to expand storage capacity at the facility and encourage continued growth within the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA).

All proposed improvements would take place within the boundaries of the existing facility within the District of North Vancouver (DNV). The site is currently zoned Employment Zone Industrial (EZ-I) and the proposed facility improvements will be consistent with the District of North Vancouver (DNV) Official Community Plan (OCP).

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The Project includes:

  • Constructing two additional diesel bulk storage tanks at the facility; one 80,000-barrel storage tank approximately 18.3 metres high*, and one 120,000-barrel storage tank approximately 19.8 metres high*, both being similar in scale to four of the existing liquid bulk storage tanks at the facility
  • Removing two smaller existing biodiesel tanks to accommodate the new tanks
  • Installing and upgrading piping and pumping systems interconnected to the existing infrastructure
  • Expanding and upgrading the fire protection and firefighting systems, wastewater management systems and related infrastructure
  • Increasing the existing 12 railcar rack to accommodate 12 additional railcar unloading positions, and related infrastructure. This increases the maximum daily capacity of railcars at the Terminal from 24 to 36 railcars per day

* Tank railings, lights, dome extend an additional 1.5 to 2.0 m

The Vancouver Wharves Terminal improvements are being pursued solely to add additional storage capacity for diesel for an existing Vancouver Wharves Terminal customer. The Project is separate from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Vancouver Wharves Map Project Benefits

The Project capital budget is $32 million, providing opportunities for the local economy to benefit from increased spending on products and services throughout construction. The Project will create 12 new full-time construction jobs. Upon completion, two additional full-time, unionized liquids operator positions will be created.

The Vancouver Wharves facility contributes an average of $2.4 million in property taxes annually to the District of North Vancouver, which will increase after the Project’s completion.

Furthermore, the Project will support economic benefits for the VFPA, the largest port in Canada. In 2016, the port handled 136 million tonnes of cargo valued at $202 billion and directly supported 44,400 jobs. Including both indirect and direct effects, the VFPA contributes $9.2 billion to the provincial economy and accounts for $18.8 billion in economic output. Vancouver Wharves is committed to keeping its facilities responsive to customer demands and maximizing the economic productivity within the port area.


The Project requires approvals from the DNV for a Development Permit (DP) and a permit amendment to the existing Metro Vancouver Air Quality Permit.

A detailed DP Application was submitted in December 2017. The detailed application included a number of assessments and analyses of the Project including safety, noise, air and water quality studies, and visual renderings as well as local traffic studies. The application also included a Construction Environmental Management Plan, including multiple component plans such as surface water quality, erosion and sediment control, air quality, noise management, lighting management, and others.

Project Schedule (subject to change)

  • Preliminary Development Permit Application submitted to DNV – May 2017
  • Early Input Opportunity Meeting – June 2017
  • Detailed Development Permit Application submitted to DNV – December 2017
  • Community Input – April 2nd to 15th, 2018
  • DNV Issuance of Development Permit – June 2018 (projected)
  • DNV Issuance of Building Permit – August 2018 (projected)
  • Project Construction Commencement – September 2018
  • Project Operational – Late 2020


Ongoing dialogue assists us in understanding and addressing specific questions and concerns regarding the proposed Project and operation of the Vancouver Wharves facility. We believe your feedback, questions, concerns and comments will help us develop a better Project.

The consultation period on the following document is now closed to allow time for preparation of the final report to the District of North Vancouver. Please Contact Us if you have additional questions or comments.